what  to wear guide

One of the hardest things that comes with getting a photoshoot is choosing outfits, especially if you’re doing it with your family or partner. Believe me, I get it. Even after shooting couples and families for years, I still struggle when it’s my turn to get photos done. I’m going to write out three tips for choosing your outfits, coordinating your outfits, styling your outfits, etc, and then I’ll give some examples out some of my clients who’s outfits went perfectly with their photos. 


Now you might not realize it but location and outfits can either clash or run together smoothly. For example, if you’re choosing to do your photos in the forest, always go for a lighter and softer outfit. Think white dress and your partner in tan pants with a light pullover. If you’re going to the beach, while light colours can still go well, you don’t want to blend in! Think rust tones. All of my hour sessions come with the option for an outfit change so you could do both! Choosing your outfits based on where you’re being documented can make all the difference! Believe me!


Another tip I always give to clients struggling with outfits is to pick a colour palette on Pinterest to go off of. This especially works with families. Never match colours - so basically don’t all where the same shade of green. Instead, look up a colour palette and try to choose outfits based on the colours it gives you. That way you’re not too matchy matchy but you’re also not on opposite sides of the colour wheel. 
Pro tip - always stick to neutrals!


Another aspect that most people don’t think of when choosing outfits for a session is the patterns they’re wearing and how it can affect the editing and maybe clash with the location. I always will be a lover of simple clothing at sessions so that your emotion and energy can be captured in the best way possible, with the least amount of distractions. However, there is nothing wrong with some patterns in your clothes! For example, some dresses with little flowers can make your session vibe dainty and elegant. 
Pro tip - when choosing between patterns think about where you’re getting photos done and if you’d want attention to your outfit or yourself!

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